Friday, September 11, 2009

Form it

We wrapped the bases of the cribbing towers in plywood so they wouldn't topple if hit by a Bobcat.  The old foundation was demolished and the new foundation dug.  Here are the forms and rebar cages.  If you look up, the house is being supported by two huge steel beams that sit on top of the cribbing.  It's hard now to envision that this area will soon be a new kitchen and bathroom, but that transformation is what makes home remodeling so interesting to me.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you saw the humor in my reply at the coffee shop. My suggestions would be IMO, more photos (i like pics) um, before and after ideas. your goals, such as are you keeping the same floorplan? Why did you lift it? poor foundation, or adding another level. Maybe some short horror story, like when they brought your outhouse(blue toilet thing) they put the door up against a tree and just left it there :). Hm. Maybe color samples like wall an trim colors your painting, tile samples, black marble with white lines for the shower kitchen counter material. Also maybe mention things like the company your paying to do the work, Carols crane company, Fannys foundation. more photos the better, GE stove and such.
I hope that helps:) I look forward your progress:D