Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Project! Museum Quality English Tudor - Part 1: Exterior

Big day!  This is a great new project and we're just about to break ground.  It's a 1500 sqft, 2 bedroom, 1 bath tudor on a double lot.  The family who built the house had a daughter who lived her whole life here.  The house is virtually untouched since 1921.  The new owners have hired us to make room for their growing family by building an addition off to the left side that will add two bedrooms, three bathrooms, an expanded kitchen, and an attached garage all while preserving the architectural integrity of the original home.

The first task will be to demolish the detached garage and that little bumped out area of the main house.  We'll take all the stucco off this face of the house to tie in the new framing.  The new addition will be two stories high and come out to about the left corner of the existing garage.  I need get to work on the window order to make sure we'll have them here on time.  The windows and exterior doors will be Marvin Clad with clad stucco-mold trim.

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