Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pour It

I love concrete pour day!  The engineer called for an aggregate mix that had to be revised to work for 4" hose.  Even that was so heavy it required 8 guys to get it into the back of the house from the pump truck parked on the street.

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liam o'brien said...

hey shiloe, Ive taken a look at your blog and I have a few pointers for you.
First of all you need some sort of introduction- What are you trying to show us in this blog? What are you doing with this house? and why?
Next thing is you need a little more content- how did you get into this job? What is your role on this building site?
Apart from this I think this blog has alot of potential, as I like construction. I will be following your blog and I look forward to any future posts, Cheers!