Sunday, December 13, 2009

Trim Out - Interior Door Casing with Style

The HardieShingles on our blue cottage are almost complete.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the work on the interior is coming along beautifully.  This house is very wood trim intensive.  Let's start with 7-piece door and window casings:


Most of the craftsman style interior trim came from San Francisco Victoriana.  They have every molding profile you can imagine.  The individual pieces from the top down are:
    Header crown:                SFV 7-37
    Flat stock head casing:  SFV 6-10
    Parting bead:                   SFV 50-1
    Side casing (trim legs):  SFV 14-59


At the base from top down, you see the dramatic trim legs again, and they abut a larger plinth block (made on site).  The plinth block is thick enough to allow the baseboard a place to die into.
    Baseboard:      SFV 20-34
You also get a sneak peek here of the wide plank, dark stained oak floors.


Put it all together on a pair of pocket doors and you get a picture of perfection.  The interior doors are T.M. Cobb F-30 3-panels in fir.  Simpson has a similar door here.  Check back for trim details at the stairs, crown moulding, and box beams.


Todd - Home Construction & Improvement said...

VERY nice trim detail! Details like that are very rare in today's rush for inexpensive houses. Glad to see it being used!

Jen @ homeinthecountry said...

This is gorgeous. I love love love big old trim. Actually, one bit drawback of our current 1960s-built home is the generic (and small!) woodwork. I have big ambitions to replace all of the trim in the house with something as beautiful as this!

MsBurb said...

Why is it that for some many years designers moved away from the majestic mouldings of old?

I KNOW lumber is costly but what makes a house a home has got to be the crowning mouldings as one aspect, right?

And with other materials now in use to create them, I wish more architects would return to that design form...a door is a door but a crown moulded door is ART, right shiloe?!

Your blog feels more settled now, somethings changed, far more professional, glossy, very Town & Country feel to it now...don't know what has changed but Cheers anyhoo!

Am LURKING you now EASY and have added you to my B3 Favourite Blogs/Forums List so I won't lose you in the morass of the others this time!

Chat us up at The Coffee Shop more often to tell us about what projects your are in the midst of, okay? You work in such a rich, cosmopolitan centre that I'm sure your career is worth a post or two of mention over at the CS, right? Don't be shy, we wanna know what you're up to!


Honorary Coffee Shop Hostess-In-Chief &
High Chief Mucky Muck of B3 & TLB2

Matt said...

what is the color on those walls??

catboatscooter said...

Dude! You just saved me a ton of work. Thanks! I have a 1914 bungalow, adding on a piece, and trying to figure out how to match the existing door trim. Well, the only difference between what I have and what you put on here is that I don't have the parting bead or the plinth block at the bottom - otherwise the side casing, head casing, and header crown are exact. I mean exact. Well, the header crown on mine is proportioned a little shorter. Interesting, the header crown on mine is recessed to accept the profile of the side casing - sold as a set I would guess. It's the same detial on every door and every window in the place - 4br, 2800 sq feet. Thanks - now I know just what to order! Jack