Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Left Coast Lifter! Bay Bridge Construction Monster Crane!

My trouble with the now not-so-new S-curve of the Bay Bridge isn't the radius of the curve itself, it's that they stuck this amazing crane, dubbed the "Left Coast Lifter," right beside the bridge requiring me to exercise every ounce of restraint I can muster not to rubberneck.  As luck would have it, my friend and mentor Chris has a sailboat that we took out for the express purpose of getting a closer look at this beauty.
As we approached the Bay Bridge construction project, the sheer size of this crane is overwhelming.  For scale, the white curved structure in the background is a preview of the new Bay Bridge.
Here are the stats:
-Built by Zhenhua Port Machinery Co. Ltd. (ZPMC) in San Francisco's sister city, Shanghai, China exclusively for the construction of the Bay Bridge
-30 stories tall
-Boom can lift 1,800 tons (that's 3,600,000 lbs, or a community of myself and roughly 29,000 others about my size)
-And best of all... it floats!  It lives on a 400' long barge that was constructed in Portland, OR
The crane is used to lift pre-manufactured bridge sections into place.  The steel you see here is temporary.  It's used to hold the deck in place before the self-anchored suspension system is installed.  We cruised passed the dinky helper cranes,
and on to a great view of the new San Francisco Bay Bridge construction.
Rumor has it that this incredible piece of machinery will be for sale once the bridge construction is complete.  You know, someone has a birthday coming up...

For more info on the Bay Bridge Construction, including killer 360 degree videos of the action, check out the official site, Bay Bridge Info.


Cindy said...

Shoot! How did you guess that was your b-day present this year?? I thought it was perfect for you and I wouldn't even have to ship it :)

Jordan said...

Nice photos! That crane rocks!

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San Diego Home Remodeler said...

It can hold a small stadium worth of people.Pretty amazing!!

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