Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reduce Reuse Recycle - Mix Old and New in Your Remodel

It's easy to want to start fresh when you're remodeling, but saving a few select pieces will help tie the new space to the old and may even save you some money.  Here are three examples of reuse in our classic English Tudor:

1.  Bathtub   This cast iron bathtub was original to the 1921 house and still in great shape.  Given the high cost of tubs, this was a perfect candidate for reuse, and it's right at home in the new vintage style bath.

Original Location

2.  Closet Doors   These beautiful original gum wood closet doors were re-purposed as, well, closet doors... but in new pocket door locations.  The holes from the old hardware just add to the charm.

Original Location

3.  Sun Room French Doors   The pair of French doors leading from a small bedroom to the sunroom were eliminated, in favor of a wider opening.  The glass-paned door is seen throughout the home, so we reused them in one of the new bedrooms to speak to the vintage architecture.  Sure, it's unconventional to use glass doors for a closet, but in this case, it really adds charm and character to an otherwise standard bedroom.

Original Location

So get our there and reuse, already!  It's good for the earth, the pocketbook, and oh-so stylish.


Lucille Pangen said...

Great ideas! I love the pocket doors... wouldn't have thought of that.

meryl rose said...

Is that subway tile in the bathroom Cascade, Frosted from Import Tile??? We got that tile for our bathroom, and are saving the tub too!

Shiloe Bear said...

Hi Meryl,
The subway tile is Ann Sacks Capriccio in Sky Blue Gloss, but it looks just like the Cascade from Import. I can't wait to see pics!

meryl rose said...

It looks almost exactly the same! I LOVE the color, it's so soothing :)

Anonymous said...
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Chicago Interior Designer said...

Good its very nice.

kyliept said...

Hi Shiloe. Thanks for stopping by my blog. That bathroom is amazing - I love it!

Joaquin Erazo Jr said...

When you are remodeling, it is easier to replace than to rethink the space and reuse old components. In both your bedroom and bath remodeling, you were creative in mixing the old and new. You kept the old tub, but tiled up to the ceiling when you added a shower. That subway tile is a nice touch, made even more interesting when you added the e soap alcove in square tiles set on the diagonal. Converting the doors to pocket doors is stroke of genius that saved space too. The only detriment? No place to hang the mix of robes, towels, and clothes that grace the bathroom doors in most homes!