Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rebar Madness

It's been a crazy couple of weeks trying to get everything in place for this momentous concrete pour. Since last post, we poured the piers and installed all the underslab plumbing. Then we dropped in 12" of gravel and tied all the rebar for the topping slab and the retaining walls.
The entire garage level will have concrete walls and floor.  This includes a laundry room, bathroom, and mechanical room, so we have to make sure that every exhaust duct that needs to go through the wall is planned before forming all the walls.
While it's always important to have a lot of people on hand for the concrete pour, that is especially true here where we have to get the hoses to the top of a 16' high wall.
Including the piers, the topping slab, and the retaining walls, we have 65(!) yards of concrete in for this two-story addition.  The concrete will need to cure, and then as soon as the forms are stripped, I'll show the finished product.  Check back in soon!