Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Blue Cottage Featured in Better Homes and Gardens

Hi there remodeling friends, great news!  Our very first project documented from start to finish here at TPC is featured in the November issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  The snappy design of the Little Blue Cottage won over countless readers and we couldn't be more flattered that it also caught the attention of the pros over at BHG.
For those of you who fell for the little cottage that could, pick up November's Better Homes while you're stuck in the Denver airport next week, flip to page 66, and read the back story of the family that turned their starter home into their dream home.
*Special bonus - there are way better photos than I ever took, and more rooms that I didn't show you!
**Extra special bonus - The Little Blue Cottage is also being published in the BHG's new decorating book, aptly titled New Decorating Book, available here and at fine local booksellers in your neighborhood.  Pick up a copy for that shelter-loving love in your life, or add it to your own wishlist!
***Double extra super special bonus - Yours truly will be appearing at the world famous Builders Booksource in Berkeley, CA on Friday, December 2 from 7-9pm to sign your copy and answer all your burning questions about how this house came to be so awesome.


Diana Joy said...


meryl rose said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME! Congrats!!!!!

A Remodeling Love Story said...

Oh yeah! This is great.
Mmmmm, I love the Heath Tiles -- both the color and shape -- in the blue cottages, kitchen.

Kirsten said...

How cool! There are some really great articles in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine and it's quite popular. Congrats on getting in it!

Anonymous said...

I love the little blue house! I just pinned it on pinterest the other day. Loved it so much I had to come here to your site. Was browsing around everything because I LOVE it! And realized this is the same house that I ripped out of my Better Homes and Gardens magazine! I do LOVE IT!!! Awesome house!

Scottsdale custom home builder said...

Congratulations! Continue doing what you have started. Looking forward to see more informative sites from you.

Darren said...

The dining room is amazing. I totally love its lively look.