I hella heart cranes.  Fortunately, Oakland is a port city with lots of great crane activity, and working in construction I even get to rent them from time to time.  If you missed them, click here to read my post on getting up close and personal with Bay Bridge monster crane, the Left Coast Lifter, and here for the post on trusses delivered by crane.

S E P T E M B E R,  2 0 1 0
This one is a view from the port taken from Oakland's Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.  It's 38 acres of protected shoreline perfect for crane spotting, bird watching, and barbecues.

A U G U S T ,  2 0 1 0
Welcome to Oakland XC50, XC51, and XC52!  We're happy to have you!
This pic was first posted on the Oakland photography blog, Only in Oakland.