Q:  What is that color, tile spec, hardware, etc?  I have to have it!
A:  Check the Completed Projects tab for room by room sourcing of everything from paint colors to plumbing fixtures.  If you still don't see it, or the project isn't complete yet, send me an email and I'll be happy to dig it up for you.

Q:  How much can I expect to spend on a project similar to the Rustic Modern house (or any other fill-in-the-blank house)?
A:  There are so many variables that affect the costs of building.  A house on a sloped lot will require a more robust foundation than the same house on a flat lot, a house with wide setbacks and plentiful parking is going to be easier (read cheaper) to work on than a house with difficult access, you get the picture.  To rein in costs, establish a budget early and communicate it often.  Your architect needs to understand so she can design to your budget and tell you if you're being unrealistic.  Bring a contractor on board early to get ballpark pricing as you go.  A good builder will work with your architect and engineer throughout design development to suggest small changes that may have a big impact on the overall project cost.  Finally, look for savings in the areas that you have control over, and that you can always upgrade down the line, like light fixtures, towel bars, etc.