Every few months here at Tar Paper Crane, we feature a shelter blog that we think deserves a little extra attention.  So many people are contributing their lessons in remodeling, these are just a few favorites.  Check them out!

S E P T E M B E R ,  2 0 1 0
I am such a big fan of the site Fun and VJs, run by Anita in Brisbane, Australia.  She has a Queenslander house, which, to be honest, I'd never even heard of before reading her blog, but now I know it is a lovely architectural style native to Queensland in Australia, developed in the 1840s and still in use today, characterized by verandas, raised living spaces, and corrugated metal roofs. 

Anita says:
Jason and I bought the Sow’s Ear last year - it is a 1930s Queenslander timber and tin home in Brisbane, Australia. Structurally it is sound, but it is very tired and requires a fair bit of work and maintenance to enable our family of five to live in it comfortably.  The aim of the renovation is to keep as much of the architectural character of the home - our changes are very much sympathetic to that style (without going through a painstaking restoration).  It is a lovely home which deserves some TLC.

I started the blog mostly to chronicle what changes we’ve made to the house. A lot of my research for renovating is online searches, however  I found that there was very little in the way of firsthand information for people renovating a Queenslander.  I hope it is a useful blog for people undertaking a similar renovation to ours.

Our first major project was to renovate the kitchen – it has made a huge difference to our quality of life. We have also completed renovations to the front entry,  living room and one small bedroom. We are steadily re-painting the interior of the house but it is so slow.  It is a room by room exercise whilst living in the house with small children.

The next project on the horizon is to outsource some minor building work – improvements for the exterior of the house such as new window hoods, external stairs and windows for our sunroom. Again, these changes will be mindful of the original architecture.  Once completed, we will be able to re-paint the exterior of the house to improve its street appeal.

But really, the list of projects is never ending!
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This month, we recognize the incredibly prolific (where does she find time to write all those posts?), Meryl Rose of the Picardy Project.  Follow along as she documents the amazing transformation of her Storybook home back to Storybook life.
Meryl says:
My boyfriend Chris and I bought our Storybook home in Oakland, CA about a year and a half ago and started the renovations before we even moved in!  We started blogging soon after so our family could keep up with what projects were going on and understand why they never seemed to see us anymore.  So far we've undertaken a partial kitchen renovation, a garage overhaul, a beautiful and organized art room for me, and numerous other projects. We knew when we moved in that this house would be quite a labor of love, but the important thing: we're having so much fun, we're learning so much, and we hope to inspire, or at least entertain, anyone who decides to stop by and read about our adventures!